Monday, August 8, 2011

Speed Reader is now published!

Available in Android Market

Speed Reader

Speed Reader uses a method called Rapid Serial Visual Presentation to allow you to read faster by eliminating the time spent in moving your eyes between words. Watch the center of the screen, do not move your eyes, and try not to "subvocalize," or say the words in your head. Do not listen to music or attempt to multitask while using SpeedReader. If you find it very easy to read and absorb every word, consider increasing the speed. With practice, speeds of 600 wpm are not uncommon.

Supported file formats include:
and other markup languages

Supports custom colors, any speed, and multiple words at once.

Speed Reader can also help those coping with dyslexia because it orders words correctly. Other color options can also aid in reading for those suffering from dyslexia. If you are using SpeedReader because you have dyslexia, it is suggested that you keep the application at a low speed.

Speed Reader requires access to the SD card in order to convert .pdf and .epub files to .txt files.

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  1. Very nice app.
    Do you have it to be used in PC as a Chrome extension or independent app?