Thursday, August 11, 2011

Speed Reader Gold!

Available in Android Market

Benefits of the gold (donate) version include:
The prestige of being in the elite
A shiny new gold icon
Updates about 15 minutes before those regular users
A happier developer.


  1. Hi
    I love using your program but i have noticed that it is less nice to use than the program i used on my smartphone

    It had two killer features that i feel yours is missing. One is a colour bar that gradually changed from red to green through a sentence to give you a feel of where you are (nice to have)
    The other made a huge difference. You can see from the settings that it respected the punctuation so you have a little pause after commas and a bigger pause after full stops. Only a small pause but it made a huge difference to the readability.
    Would you be able to look into it please?

  2. I actually prefer no pausing after punctuation, for what it's worth. But I may be using this at higher speeds than most.

    I came to say it's a great app! If I can get nicely formatted reading material, this will save me the expense of a Kindle!

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  4. it is a great application , but I've noticed that does convert only a part of ebook, not a whole one, am I correct ?